Royale Tier Cakes

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Our Customer Charter


At Royale Tier we are never in a hurry, you can therefore be assured of the utmost care and attention from first contact to delivery.


Personalised Designs


Any design from our collection can be made to your personal requirements.


We can discuss the style and size of cake to suit the number of guests and venue. At this stage we can look at how details unique to your wedding such as colour scheme, the reception flowers or perhaps a monogram from your invitation can enhance the total look.


Cake Stands 


To complement your wedding cake we offer a selection of ornate silver cake stands and knives on loan as part of our service.


Order Lead Times 


We will always do our utmost to accommodate your order; however to provide you with the best service possible, we require sufficient time to fulfil your requirements. The following lead times are therefore recommended...


For celebration cakes ....... 2 weeks

For wedding cakes ........... 3 months

For favours ...................... 2 weeks






Delivery & Collection 


Your wedding cake can be collected from us. Alternatively, we can deliver, either to your home address or to the reception venue.




Some customers ask why there is a pricing difference between celebration and wedding cakes; I hope the following information helps...


To begin with, the wedding cakes are made with an enriched Madeira recipe. All our wedding cakes are also made to a specific finished depth to achieve consistency and uniformity when the cake is assembled.


Assembly of a wedding cake requires specialist knowledge and equipment such as dowels, pillars and additional display boards. More detailed decoration also requires extra work and time.


Finally, consultations regarding colour schemes, design and so forth along with sample tasting appointments are all worked into the pricing structure which results in the extra cost.



Cake Flavours


* Rich Fruit

* Madagascar Vanilla

* Rich Chocolate

* Lemon Zest

* Expresso Coffee

* Orange Zest

* Carrot

* Almond

Preserves & Curds


* Raspberry Preserve

* Strawberry Preserve

* Lemon Curd

* Apricot Preserve

* Seville Orange Curd




Buttercream Fillings


* Vanilla

* Chocolate

* Expresso Coffee

* Orange Zest / Lemon Zest

* Almond

* Cream Cheese




Our Cakes


All our cakes are freshly baked and available in a variety of flavours.


Each tier of our cakes can be made of different flavours. See below for options.


Your Choices


Please feel free to choose your own combination of flavours. Listed below are the most popular choices.


* Madagascar Vanilla Cake, Raspberry Preserve, Vanilla Butter Cream


* Rich Chocolate Cake, Irish Cream, Chocolate Butter Cream


* Lemon Zest Cake, Lemon Curd & Lemon Zest Butter Cream

Halal Cakes at Royale Tier 


At Royale Tier Cakes we are passionate about our products and put the finest ingredients into our preparations. We are a registered home based family business, all of our baking and decorating is done at home.





- We cater for vegetarian cake requirements.






- We use the highest quality ingredients and invest a lot of time and effort to achieve the best results possible.





- We use only free range eggs. Flavours and essences are free from animal or insect derivatives (unless halal) and also free from alcohol.


- We check with the manufacturers to confirm whether alcohol has been used in the manufacturing process, even as a flavour or colour carrier. If it is used, then we do not use that ingredient in our recipes at all.


What makes us special:-